Eye of the Beholder

Beauty is found in human imperfections. Matthew, the little boy who can not walk independently is vicariously awe-inspired by a model of physicality and perfection, a renowned professional athlete. Al Leiter (and his wife) find a beautiful match in Matthew to ennoble and raise  not only Matthew’s, but their own spirit as well.

Heterogeneity and complementarity build meta-biophysical systems which in the process lift the individual parts into a greater system whole. This exemplifies many forms of interactions throughout life driven by an unrequited subconscious need for meaning and purpose. Nothing elevates us more than to have the opportunity to use our skill sets, our knowledge, personalities, or natural gifts to lift the psyche of another person. There is nothing greater than the connection to another human soul whose struggles are transformed into a vitalizing response.

This becomes a building block to a greater more resilient support network for all components of the system that spreads stress across a larger mass. This lightens the toxic load of stress, and it’s devitalizing effect on the stress response.

The eye of the beholder is key to this new system whole in an irony of a self amplifying and animating feed forward loop that provides us all ownership of real value that wasn’t ours until we gave it away.

Matthew meeting Al Leiter and his wife. The power of connection is rooted in biophysical phenomena that range in scale from smaller than a human cell to beyond the boundaries of a single person. Few things ennoble the psyche more than lifting another person’s mood. This picture speaks the proverbial million words about bringing joy to another person and expecting nothing in return but getting back the greatest gift of all: making another human happy. Who in this picture gives and who receives joy?