In this two Volume monograph, human health and disease is examined through the lens of metabolism and biophysical processes at all scales of physiological organization. They discuss, for example, how the body differentially transforms food into energy in the settings of health versus states of diabetes, cancer, and other chronic diseases of aging.

No. Textbooks are an exhaustive account of a branch of discipline primarily written for educators and students in schools and colleges. They describe facts and information as reference books or alternatively as workbooks of course curriculum, to be learned and memorized by students for the preparation of exams. However, this book by contrast conveys conceptual insights and central messages that target a broad audience of healthcare practitioners, students and biomedical researchers. The intended purpose is to improve skill sets to enhance problem solving in Medicine. This book frames fundamental metabolic principles in an exciting fashion that keeps the reader engaged throughout.

Our remarkable interdisciplinary team of basic scientists together with Dr. Fertig’s clinical vision produced a masterful and powerful magnum opus that is distinct from other Metabolism books. This is attributable to the integration of abounding perspectives of Metabolism and to the applicable implications of these perspectives to the transformation of healthcare to levels currently unimaginable.

The book invokes scientific disciplines of modern physics (including biological thermodynamics, systems biology, electromagnetism, molecular and cellular biophysics,and the potentially explosive field of quantum biology), classical biology and biological chemistry, computer technology, pharmacology with clinical endocrinology and metabolism.

Rather than focusing on a single component of metabolism, Dr. Fertig compiles and presents a consolidative picture of how metabolic dysfunction contributes to chronic illnesses of aging, such as diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s, heart and vascular disease.

Healthcare practitioners, students, biomedical researchers, inquisitive patients and medicine enthusiasts should all enjoy and benefit from the conceptual interdisciplinary insights from understanding each other’s language and improving the skill sets for problem solving in Medicine. Science communicators have efficiently collaborated with Dr. Fertig to articulate convoluted notions and phenomena in simple terminology. A crucial objective of the book was to avoid overwhelming the reader by meeting high demands for clarity of complex material, and to lighten up the denseness of the science with many metaphors and illustrations of anecdotes.

There are no prerequisites of advanced education in the sciences.

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Dr. Fertig and Dr. Tuszynski plan to team up to write about a variety of interdisciplinary metabolic themes in Medicine over the course of the next few years targeting a more popular audience. These much smaller books will address the intersection of metabolism with common different pathological states including diabetes, obesity, stress, cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart and vascular disease. More updates regarding the future work of the authors will be made available on this website.

Dr. Fertig would be delighted to share his knowledge about metabolism and chronic disease, from the bench to bedside patient care.

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