Personal Statement

This book’s intent is to improve patient education on metabolism and inform how to deal with metabolism-related challenges. While human physiology is extremely complex, a quantitative model for maintaining optimum health is possible. This could become a roadmap through the process of aging, facing stress and adapting to the cycles of time in a precision and personalized scale of medicine. This is based on the notion of “physiological purpose” whereby metabolism is the distinguishing feature of living matter and a requirement for life itself. Humans are motivated not only to survive as individuals, but also to help others do so. This is partly altruistic, driven by empathy, social awareness, and intuition. Vitalizing stress responses are rooted in such greater purpose as promoting the joys, opportunities, health, and welfare of others. This also benefits ourselves by strengthening social support systems, which help us handle daily challenges and life crises alike. Collaborating individuals build strength and resilience of an entire group. This applies to molecules of a cell, cells of an organ, organs of a human being, members of a sports team, and citizens of a country.

This project required major personal sacrifice as it took me away from the two bedrocks of my life: my family and medical practice. I thank my phenomenal family for their patience and support. My medical practice partner picked up the slack in our business while I worked on the book, for which I am eternally grateful. I’m thankful to my medical practice support staff and patients for adapting to my erratic schedule.

Working on the book started as a hard, long and at first lonely journey. This changed when Dr. Jack Tuszynski, (University of Alberta), agreed to assist me in editing Volume 1. Later, scientists from Rutgers, Virginia Commonwealth, Yale, the Salk Institute, and the University of Cincinnati, joined the project. Their exemplary collective effort is an untold story behind the story that enabled the book’s completion. I have an immeasurable debt of gratitude for their hard work and dedication.

Completing this book is part of my service to fellow human beings as an applied scientist, clinical physician, and now author. I hope this book will lead to meaningful discussions among healthcare providers, medical students and lay public.